At Maranatha Home Health, Inc. we appreciate you choosing us as a provider of home health care for your patients, yourself or a loved one. Please tell-their patients by downloading the appropriate form, which can be completed and faxed.

- Medical/Professional Referral Patient

- Family or Friend Referral



Our therapy evaluate each patient's physical impairments and finctional limitations and establish a plan of care in cohesion with the patient's physician in order to achieve optimal rehab outcomes.


Our therapist can offer:


Physical Therapy services, assist in restoring and maintaining maximum musculoskeletal funtions. From hip fractures to sprains, to patients with unsteady gait, our therapist are specialized in helping the patient restore their confidence in their ability to ambulante themselves throughout their living enviroment.

Occupational Therapy strives to imprive the level of independence in activities of daily living.

Speech Therapy assist in improving swallowing disorders and the communicative activities of daily living.

Medical Social Workers

Facilitate long term planning to promote independence and provide opprtunities to take advantage of a variety of community resources designed to assist the elderly with their personal concerns and help alleviate their troubles.